Some Facts About The New Blackberry Z10

The Blackberry Z10 is one of those smart phones that you should look out for especially if you are a smart phone enthusiast. This phone comes with many features that can do a variety of tasks that makes it truly smart. The Z10 is the latest among the Blackberry series and you expect to find a number of things on this one.

The general operational networks

Generally this phone is supported on 2G, 3G and 4G networks. Therefore you need not worry about adaptability because this phone will fit in well even within the 4G network. Having been released in January 2013, the smart phone is in its seventh month although the price remains competitive at about 400 dollars for one. Generally the speeds vary between the network types whereby the HSPDA has the highest rate at 21Mbps. The HSPDA falls within the 3G network bracket.

Digicel to launch new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone

Digicel to launch new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone

Other features of the Blackberry Z10

With a weight as low as 137 grams and dimensions 5.12 x 2.58 x 0.35 inches, you probably have a very sizeable and powerful smart phone in its own class. It has a capacitive touch screen with a 360 pixel density. It has a micro- SIM with a MicroSD slot that can take a card with 64 GB capacity quite considerable for a phone of its kind. On the other hand the phone has an internal memory capacity that is equivalent to 16GB with a 2GB random access memory (RAM) capacity. You also get a Bluetooth and WLAN connectivity to support your data transfer needs. If you love music this smart phone support various music formats including the WAV, MP3, WMA and eAAC.

Special features on the Z10

This smart phone’s camera supports image stabilization and other features like face detection as well as geo tagging. This is apart from the video stabilization capabilities as well. In order to aid input this smart phone has different sensor types that include the proximity, accelerometer, compass and gyro. Messaging ha been catered for most effectively whereby the phone supports messaging formats like Push Email, BBM6, MMS, SMS and Email. More generally there are other features like the predictive input for aiding text input. Powered by a Li-Ion 1800 mAh battery this smart phone is able to do 312 h on standby and 10 h on talk time. Running on the Blackberry 10 operating system upgraded to 10.1 and capable of supporting MIDP 2 of Java and running the HTML 5 as its browser platform the Z10 is perhaps one of the hottest smart phones on market today.

BlackBerry 10: shops deny claims by Thorsten Heins that Z10 phones are selling out

BlackBerry 10: shops deny claims by Thorsten Heins that Z10 phones are selling out

These are just part of the features that are typical with the Z10. As usual when you get one and continue to use it you will definitely discover that it has more to offer making it stand out in a class of its own. Definitely for its price the Blackberry Z10 is worth the bargain and will give you the best value for your money. Based on the market response you will certainly see the better of this smart phone in the near future

Don’t Let These Common Relationship Ruts Destroy Yours!

Two people may really enjoy each other’s company but there can come a time when they get too stuck in a routine. Knowing you are in one is the first step to making some positive changes. It doesn’t mean that the relationship is on the rocks or that you should move on. It does mean that you need to make more effort from time to time to stir things up and make them more exciting. Here are the top 3 relationship ruts and how to get out of them!

Common Courteousy is out the Door

In the early stages of any relationship, both people are on their very best behavior. Over time, it is natural to become more relaxed around that person as you get comfortable. However, there are things that shouldn’t go out the door and that include common courteousy. If you are going to be late, call.

10 Ways to Ruin a Good Relationship

10 Ways to Ruin a Good Relationship

Help clean up after yourself and after meals. Don’t leave it for the other person to do or they may start to build up some resentment. Take the time to say please and thank you for what the other person does for you. Be flexible in terms of what you watch on TV, doing the little things for each other, and nurturing the needs of the other person. Doing so will always make the relationship more positive.

Same Old Routine Day after Day and it is too Predictable

It can be tough to avoid the same old routine day after day. This is especially true if you work or go to school. You have commitments and responsibilities that you must keep up with. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something original now and then. Take the afternoon off work and clean the house so that your partner comes home to a night where they can just relax. Buy flowers or leave a nice love note. What you do doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, but it does need to be genuine and show that you care.

11 Common Mom Ruts (and How to Snap Out of Them)

11 Common Mom Ruts (and How to Snap Out of Them)

Not making Enough Time for Each Other

With busy schedules you may not be making enough time for each other. Make it a priority to do so. Even if it means you both get up earlier in the morning just so you can have breakfast and coffee while talking.

Plan a date night for the two of you to enjoy. You can plan it together or you can do it for your partner as a surprise. Spend some time doing something that you will both really enjoy. Try something new from time to time too such as a dance class, a new sport, or even cooking a new recipe.


Now that you are fully aware of the top 3 relationship ruts and how to get out of them, don’t turn a blind eye. If you really care about the person you are with, then it is worth the effort to make things better. You will enjoy the relationship more and they will really feel appreciated. Never take a relationship for granted and just let it continue on auto pilot!

Is A Vegan Diet Beneficial?

A vegan diet is well thought-out as tremendous and unfeasible. A vegan diet means you will not scoff every animal product such as pork, catch fish, chicken, spawn, dairy and honey. Lately the interest has grown as some bystander says that they have adopted the diet, resulting in their better physical condition.

It is true that there are some advantages in a vegan diet but there are some disadvantages too. Now in this article we will have a fair play here we will tell you the advantages at the same time the disadvantages of a vegan diet.

Is Vegetarian Diet good for You

Is Vegetarian Diet good for You

Here are some of the advantages of a vegan diet:

  • Vegan diet helps lowers cholesterol level

Study showed that people who have type2 diabetes had lower there sugar level after adopting the diet. Products like meat, egg, and poultry products are rich in carbohydrates which cause high level of sugar.

  • Vegan diets lower our blood pressure

Based on a study lacto-vegetarian people has a lower risk of heart disease compared to those people who is not a lacto-vegetarian. The study also shows that people who have a vegan diet have a propensity to contain lower LDL levels and lessen the risk of hypertension and diabetes compare to those non-vegetarians.

Unexpected Findings About A Vegan Diet And Its Effects On Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Unexpected Findings About A Vegan Diet And Its Effects On Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

  • Vegan diet increases the anti-oxidants in our body

Vegan diet increases the ingestion of healthy foods such as green leafy vegetables, almonds, oatmeal, which is a vast prospect to get a bountiful antioxidants, fiber and vitamins as well as minerals which is needed by the body.

  • Vegan diet helps us to have self control

Vegan diet makes us aware of the foods we are eating. Vegan diet promotes disciplined and as well as consciousness.

Here are some of disadvantages of a vegan diet:

  • A vegan diet requires a radical change

Going to a vegan diet means greater adjustments especially to some people who are not allowed to consume too much soy. Plants that are rich in proteins are products who are likely rich in soy; in that case if you are trying to minimize your intake of soy, you should learn to combine complementary foods to form vegetarian foods.

  • A possible hindrance to your medical conditions

If you have an illness such as osteoporosis or diabetes, it is necessary to consult your doctor, for as a vegan diet may impede with your situation.

  • You can encounter dining difficulties

Not all restaurants offer real vegan foods and in that case there is a possibility for you to encounter dining difficulties.

  • A vegan diet can lead you to an impractical anticipation

A person who adopted their selves in a vegan diet will have the anticipation that vegan diet are making them healthier which is a wrong idea or as well as a wrong belief, engaging yourself in a vegan diet can lead you in a improper and unbalance diet.

Everything needs to be balance

We need to balance everything especially when you are talking about our health. Vegan diet has advantages and disadvantages there is only one word I can advice “balance”. We need to supply nutrients, vitamins and minerals in our body which we can only get if we balance our diet. Don’t take it as negative sides take it as an advice of a “friend”.

How To Save Energy And Cut Down Your Electricity Bill In Summer

The warm days, soft sunlight, the swimming pools, everything seems so much bright and fun in summers and makes it a lovely season. However with the scorching heat of summer comes a heavy electricity bill, which is not welcome. The high cost of electric bills can cut off the money supply for other requirements, whereas saving up on electricity bills adds to your bank account and helps saving your balance. Energy-efficient devices and equipment have now made it possible to reduce the bills without cutting off the basic cooling and other electricity utilities. These help in saving energy and hence lowering the bills. Here are some suggestions to save energy at home.

Install a programmable thermostat

Get a programmable thermostat so that you can adjust it according to your needs. After a week of getting a programmable thermostat, you’ll realize that you won’t have to keep record of when to lower it and when to crank the air up. Some of these come with a filter reminder telling you when it’s time to change your furnace filter. Having a programmable one will really save up on your electric bill.

How To Save On Your Summer/Winter Electricity Bills – 2014 Update!

How To Save On Your Summer/Winter Electricity Bills – 2014 Update!

Switch from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs use surprisingly small amount of electricity as compared to the incandescent ones. Replacing your lights with these bulbs will cut down on electric bill by a vast amount. Also these emit less heat and last longer. You won’t need to keep changing these bulbs every now and then. Money once spent on these will save you from expenses for quite a while.

Get your Air Conditioner checked regularly

Call your local HVAC company and get your AC and the ventilation checked regularly to make sure that the things are working properly. Well-maintained equipment allows a balanced use of energy. It will lead to a less surprising electric bill in the months of summer.

10 Easy Ways to Save on Energy

10 Easy Ways to Save on Energy

Apply a tinted film to the windows

Window glass heats up pretty fast and makes the temperature higher inside the house. The sunlight entering the room from the windows also has an unpleasant effect. To avoid that, apply a tinted film to the windows to reduce the effect of the sunlight. It will help lower the temperature and hence results in a cooler room without raising the bill.

Open the windows at night

Let the cool breeze come in at night. Open all the curtains and the windows in the late hours so that air can cross the house and give a refreshing touch to the surroundings. It will reduce the need of turning AC on. Letting the natural cool air in will lower the temperature of the house. But don’t forget to shut the blinds and the windows in the morning otherwise heat will accumulate in the house, making it hard to breathe.

Summers bring a lot of opportunities and these should be fully availed without having a tight hand at your pocket. Use the above energy efficient methods to lower the heating effects without raising your utility bill. Increase your energy saving and enjoy summer without any tension of elevating bills.

5 Landing Page Do’s And Don’ts

Landing pages play an essential role in all your online marketing efforts. These pages help you track your success, so you got to make sure that it appeals to your target audience. A lot of people set up landing pages horribly and you don’t want to join the bandwagon. You want good responses so take note of the do’s and stay away from the don’ts when setting up your site’s landing page. Here are 5 things to keep in mind.

1. DO take care of the clutter

Your landing page needs revision if it has 3 or more offers. These offers will compete with each other and people won’t know which to focus on. You also don’t want a landing page where people still need to navigate or scroll down. Make sure that users don’t have to read long paragraphs before they’ll know what you’ve got for them. Keep it brief.

The Ultimate First Impression: Headlines

The Ultimate First Impression: Headlines

2. DO get the necessary info from your prospect

Most landing pages will only ask for an email address. Although it is a good first step, it’s best to ask for more. Getting more information allows you to know what kind of visitors you have and which people are interested in what you have to offer.

3. DO say thank you

Saying thank you may not seem that important, but it can actually touch others. It’s one way to remind readers that they’re not dealing with robots here but actual people.

4. DON’T make use of your home page

There are a lot of businesses that make the mistake of using the landing page for their offer then lead readers to the home page to provide the needed info. If you do this, there’s a chance the reader will get lost. Remember that your readers don’t know your site as much as you do. Readers may get distracted and end up leaving your site without providing you with the info you need.

The DOs and DON’Ts of a body shop landing page

The DOs and DON’Ts of a body shop landing page

5. DON’T forget to keep track of your results

Once you’re testing landing pages, be sure to keep track of them. Which one has the best performance? It’s not just the conversion that matters. You also need to keep track of their performance on certain times. A “holidays” page shouldn’t be used when the holiday season is over. These mistakes show that you don’t care about your landing pages and readers will believe that you don’t care about them too.

Creating more landing pages may increase your chances of converting readers into leads. Then again, your success will depend on how good your landing pages are. Take note of these tips and refresh your landing pages. In no time you’ll have more than enough people ready to connect with your business and ready to give you profits.